2019 Season Auditions @ Torchsong Entertainment, Portland [13 January]

2019 Season Auditions

18:00 - 21:00

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Torchsong Entertainment
4834 N. Lombard Str., Portland, Oregon 97203
What: We are holding auditions for our 2019 season! Torchsong Entertainment is entering it's 5th official season and we are looking for more amazing talent to add to our ranks! If you are a current cast member we would still like for you to audition for us.

VOLUNTEER POSITIONS ONLY. Sorry, right now we can't afford to pay actors and singers… except in hugs. We will give you many hugs and thank you a lot.

About Torchsong: We create unique and innovative jukebox musicals, cabarets, and original rock musicals. We like to say we write musicals for people who hate musicals. (This ain't Rodgers & Hammerstein.) Our shows are hilarious, sexy, edgy, creative, and SUPER FUN. We have a blast and try to make each production professional quality. torchsongentertainment.com

When: Sunday, January 13th from 6:00pm — 9:00pm

Where: The Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge
4834 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR.

How to get an audition slot: Email Heidi at [email protected] with a preferred time. Auditions will be in 5 minute increments from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Please include a headshot and resume. Physical headshot and resumes will not be needed for the audition.

If you'd like to audition but can't make it in person, email Heidi for specifications on a video audition or to set up a one-on-one audition: [email protected]

What to prepare: A verse and chorus of a rock or pop song that best showcases your talent. Please no classical music or musical theater. Bring an extra verse and chorus of a contrasting song just in case we'd like to hear more. Please bring a karaoke track on a smart phone, laptop, iPad, or iPod. We will have a hookup to speakers at the venue, so no need to bring your own Bluetooth speakers or boom box (is that still a thing?). If you have a fancy new phone without a headphone jack, bring your dongle-thingy.

What to expect: We'll have you sing your prepared piece. We may have you sing scales with piano accompaniment to check your range. We'll have you do some cold readings from the scripts for the 2019 shows. We'll say nice things to you and thank you for auditioning! (Seriously though. We're super nice and encouraging and we WANT you to have a great audition!)

Who will be at the auditions: Heidi Davis (Artistic Director), Norman Grey (Writer and Director), William Thomas Berk (Writer and Consultant), Ken Bussell (Music Director and Writer), and Torchsong production team members and show directors TBA.

What we are looking for: Passionate, dedicated, hard working people. Your attitude, work ethic, and passion for our company and projects is MUCH more important to us than raw talent. Although we will be looking for dynamic and exciting rock vocalists/actors. And yes, ALL roles are singing roles in some capacity. We are also looking for tech super stars who'd like to help on the backstage side of things.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are all about non-traditional casting. Even if a role says «female» or «male» or has a particular age range assigned to it, you may still be considered for the role if you are a great fit! The best part about doing original work is that we can fit the role to the performer instead of vice versa.

THE SHOWS — Dates and venue are TBD and we will update them on the Facebook event in the next month or so.

Saturday June 8th at 8pm
Sunday June 9th at 6pm
Saturday June 15th at 8pm
Sunday June 16th at 6pm
Saturday June 22nd at 8pm
Sunday June 23rd at 6pm

REHEARSALS: Sunday evenings leading up the the productions and well as select Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday night rehearsals TBD

«The Ripper: Song of the Knife»
Libretto: Norman Grey
Music: Heidi Davis and Ken Bussell

An original gothic rock musical based on a series of dark Edgar Allen Poe-esque poems by Geoffrey Charles Pate, «The Ripper: Song of the Knife» is an exciting supernatural melodrama inspired by the case of famous serial killer Jack the Ripper.

1970s London. A world devoid of magic and mysticism.


Jack Messer: Dark, Menacing, Mysterious. He has a deep, resonant voice. 30s.

Elizabeth Stride: Cunning, hot-headed, and impulsive cop. Leads the investigation of the killer. 30s.

G.C. Pate: Ties the story together. The emissary between the characters and audience. 50s.

Artemis Kettering: The mastermind behind the string of murders and disappearances. He leads the killer to do his bidding. 40s to 50s.

Thomas Findlay: A grieving father seeking justice for the murder of his son. 30s to 40s.

Sam Findlay: Findlay’s son who is tragically killed in Mortlake Gravel Pit. Preteen/adolescent.

Android Woman: An experiment of Kettering’s who is living in the outside world, trying to live a normal human life. 30s.

Android: An experiment made by Mr. Kettering who escapes the workshop. 30s.

Jimmy: A police officer who works with Stride. 30s.

Charlie Baker: A groundskeeper who is mistakenly the lead suspect in the murder of the widow, Mrs. Witherspoon. Seeks his exoneration through the capture of the killer. 20s to 30s.

Android Girl: Another experiment who escaped. Teen.



Saturday January 19th 3:00-6:00 Script read through
Sunday January 20th 6:00-9:00: blocking and choreo (no band)
Saturday January 26th 3:00-6:00: Band and singers
Sunday January 27th 6:00-9:00: blocking and choreo (no band)
Saturday February 2nd 3:00-6:00: band and singers
Sunday February 3rd 6:00-9:00: blocking and choreo (no band)
Saturday February 9th 3:00-6:00: band and singers
Sunday February 10th 6-9: blocking and choreo (no band)
Saturday February 16th 3-6: band and singers
Sunday February 17th 6-9: blocking and choreo ( no band)
Saturday February 23rd 3-6: Music only run through with band and cast
Sunday February 24th 6-9: Tech/ no dress with cast and band
Saturday March 2nd 3-6: Dress/ tech
Saturday March 3rd 6-9: Dress/ tech
Saturday March h 9th 3-6: choreo/ blocking brush up (possible run through no band)

Sunday March 10th at 6:00pm
Sunday March 17th at 6:00pm
Saturday March 23rd at 8:00pm (possible matinee as well)
Sunday March 24th at 6:00pm

«The Jolly Riot» A Pirate Metal Adventure
Libretto: William Thomas Berk
Music by Alestorm, Paddy and the Rats, Ye Banished Privateers, and other pirate metal bands

A swashbuckling adventure that's part Pirates of the Caribbean, part Treasure Island, with a set list of metal and rock songs by popular pirate-themed bands. «The Jolly Riot» follows the coming-of-age story of Josephine Doyle and her adventures with pirate captain Red Molly on her ship, The Jolly Riot.

Setting: The Caribbean, around the year 1700 (give or take a decade).


Josephine «Joe» Doyle: No older than 15. Wants the world, but wouldn’t know what to do if she got it. She's a booksmart «tomboy» with a hunger to prove herself.

Red Molly Robinson: A cutthroat pirate captain. She’s got what it takes to thrive in a man’s world. 30s-40s

Adam Smithy: A member of Red Molly's crew. Set in his ways and too old to change them. A comedic character akin to Mr. Gibbs from «Pirates of the Caribbean». 30s-50s

Christopher Bones: We only meet what’s left of him. Trapped for years on a deserted island, he's not playing with a full deck. 30s-50s

Nancy Moore: A two-faced mother figure to Joe and waitress at the Sunk'n Norwegian. 20s-40s

Catherine Deckard: A member of Red Molly's crew. She revels in death and violence. She's too dangerous to live, and too crafty to die. 30s-50s

Timothy Barker: Owner of the Sunk'n Norwegian. Always wants the greatest return for the least effort. 20s-40s

Black Vincent: Red Molly's ex-lover and pirate captain who appears in flashbacks. A dashing rogue. 30s-40s

Charles Riven: Red Molly's right hand man and sometimes lover. Dark and sullen. 20s-40s

Edward Francis: A member of Red Molly's crew. An arrogant drunkard. 20s-40s

Ronald Stark: A member of Red Molly's crew. Fusses over every detail, and everyone else had better work as hard as he does. 20's-40s

Ranger: A warrior prince of the seas.

Lead Mermaid: A soprano, as beautiful as she is deadly.

Chorus: Various mermaids, pirates, etc.

Saturday October 5th at 8pm
Sunday October 6th at 6pm
Saturday October 12th at 8pm
Sunday October 13th at 6pm

REHEARSALS: Sunday evenings leading up the the productions and well as select Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday night rehearsals TBD

«Sanguine Academy» Vampire Rock Musical
Libretto: Heidi Davis
Music: Heidi Davis and Ken Bussell

Our hilarious original parody musical filled with ridiculous vampire tropes and stereotypes returns! For hundreds of years, Sanguine Academy has existed to help train and educate vampires in all stages of their undead lives. It is a place where vampires from all over the world come to learn transmogrification, blood alchemy, vampire history, and even how to get out nasty blood stains. The academy has only admitted vampires… until now. When the dean announces integrating werewolves into the student body, the age-old rivalry between the two supernatural races comes to a head and the new werewolf students begin to mysteriously disappear.

In the midst of all this enters Ellie, a shallow party girl vamp, and her crew of miscreant buddies called «The Midnight Snack Club.» Ellie's carefree life comes screeching to a halt when on a night of debauchery, she accidentally turns an inept but well-meaning nerd named Miles into a vampire. It then becomes Ellie's responsibility to stop Miles from figuratively sucking so he won't flunk out of Sanguine, all the while trying to solve the mystery of the missing werewolves!

«Sanguine Academy» is a hilarious original musical where «Harry Potter» meets «True Blood» meets «The Breakfast Club.» With a live band and an original score of rock music it's sure to be one FANGtastic ride!


THE MIDNIGHT SNACK CLUB: A crew of unlikely and very different vampire friends at Sanguine Academy.

ELLIE: A party girl sired in the 90's. On the surface, she seems like a vapid, shallow vampire version of Cher from Clueless, but she's really very intelligent and big vampire history buff. She gets stuck taking care of a «baby vamp» when she accidentally sires Miles after a drunken night out. 20s-30s

SUNSHINE: A chill stoner-chick/hippie sired in the 60's and Ellie's bestie. She's a blood alchemist AKA blood “dealer” who creates unique combinations of blood that create drug-like effects. She's all about peace and love and inclusion. 20s-30s

ROBERT (ROH-BEAR): A very traditional vampire in the vein of Louie from «Interview with the Vampire». Sired in the 1800's, he takes the art of vampire-ism very seriously. He dresses in period attire including an ascot, cape, and sometimes a top hat. He's a soft-spoken, well-mannered, and eloquent gentleman. 20s-40s

KEITH: A vampire sired in the 80's, he is a British and punk rock vampire. He's a combination of the Lost Boys and Spike from Buffy, in all the best ways. He has a real temper and penchant for violence and causing havoc. He's an egotistic jerk, but endearing and a loyal friend to the rest of The Midnight Snack Club. Can be found sporting a shaggy «do», black eyeliner, a long duster, and various leather and spiky accoutrements. 20s-40s

MILES: A newly sired vampire accidentally turned by Ellie on a drunken night out. Miles is a cute nerd who was an overachiever in his mortal life but is now completely inept at being a vampire. His typical attire is button up shirts and sweater vests. 20s-30s

DEAN VALENTINA VORELLA: The Dean of Sanguine Academy, Valentina exudes confidence and strength. She is a natural leader with a sultry and seductive side. She is a master at manipulation and we find out later that she's the villain of the story. Her look is a red-headed Elvira/Vampire type. 30s-40s

MICK: A sweet and sensitive werewolf who is obsessed with all things vampire. He is a vamp-fanatic. 20s-40s

ELIZABETH BATHORY (LIZ): The dean's secretary, Liz is a delightfully insane combination of Drusilla from Buffy and Bellatrix LeStrange from Harry Potter. 20s-40s

STORMY: The saucy, sexy club owner of The Blood Clot. She’s got a leather-and-chains biker girl look. 20s-40s

PROFESSOR SOPHIA DUSANG: Professor of Blood Alchemy. Turned when she was 10, she looks like a little girl and uses her sweet and innocent looks to her advantage. Teen.

CONALL CAPULLUM: A werewolf and the Dean of Wolfenstein's Trade School for Werewolves. He's kind of a lunkhead who has it bad for Valentina. 20s-40s

STEVE: A glitter-covered vampire who is currently obsessed with Twilight. He basically jumps on any pop culture and Hollywood trend involving vampires. 20s-40s

DRACULA: The now-retired leader of the vampire race. He's now a lounge singer in Vegas, a la Elvis. 20s-40s

ANGELA: An emo werewolf who is just “over it” all the time. Teens-20s

BRITT: A sweet but ditzy cheerleader werewolf. Teens-20s

FRANCINE: The nerdy werewolf of the pack. She’s got suspenders and big nerdy glasses. 20s-30s

BAT COURIER: Disgruntled actor. Role doubled by whomever is playing Steve. 20s-40s
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